About Harold Schnell Elementary School

Schnell School’s-Learning Experience

  • Students are engaging their minds, muscles, and imaginations.
  • Students recognize the importance of learning targets, building blocks, and I Can statements.
  • Students receive building block, assessment-based descriptive feedback.
  • Students know were they are going, where they are now, and how they will close the gap.
  • Students are treated with respect.
  • Student’s progress is supported by their teacher and quality coach.
  • Students are given the confidence that they can succeed and believe that effort will produce results.
  • Students know what is expected and what will be assessed.
  • Students are Asset Builders as they continue to learn about the importance, and impact, that the 40 Developmental Assets have on their daily lives.
  • Students have access to instructional resources and technology that support 21st Century Learning.
  • Student achievement is recognized, rewarded, and celebrated.
  • Students demonstrate pride in their school, through actively participating in Spirit Days, BRAVO Days, school songs, Quality Pledge, and other school-wide activities.
  • Students build their Leadership Capacity by participating in our Youth Leadership Board, Safety Patrol, Reading Buddies, and Classroom Jobs.
  • The Arts are integrated throughout our core program.
  • We do not discipline, we build assets—by practicing the 21st Century Skills and using the 40 Developmental Assets.

Winston Churchill proclaimed that, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” We are excited to share that Schnell School’s self-directed, responsible students are working diligently, and with a sense of purpose. Schnell students are learning that, “the Great” only accept the best!

21st Century Skills

  1. Develop and exhibit positive work ethic, attitudes, and behavior.
  2. Take responsibility and ownership for completing work.
  3. Utilize proper etiquette.
  4. Respect for others and for property.
  5. Work in teams and understand teamwork.
  6. Solve problems.
  7. Be punctual.

Life-Long Learning Skills

  1. Engaged in Learning Process
  2. Sets Goals for Learning
  3. Learns Independently
  4. Learns/Teams Well With Others
  5. Uses Learning Time Wisely
  6. Makes Learning Tactic Adjustments
  7. Accepts and Takes Responsibility
  8. Demonstrates Effort and Perseverance
  9. Listens Actively and Appropriately
  10. Adds Value to Discussions and Activities
  11. Respects Others and Property
  12. Solves Problems
  13. Follows Directions
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