English Language Learner Program Philosophy and Structure

West Carrollton City Schools offer specialized instruction to English Language Learners (students whose native language is not English) in a manner that both promotes English language acquisition and the mastery of grade level content standards.
The philosophy of the West Carrollton English Language Learner (ELL) program is that ELL’s need to be proficient in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English. These language skills are best learned through instruction within the content areas. West Carrollton uses the sheltered English model to support students’ cultural adjustment, language needs, and content instruction.
• Elementary Level - ELL’s are grouped into sheltered English classes based upon grade level. In these classes, students are given clear leveled instruction using scaffolding, students’ prior knowledge and collaboration. This instruction is aligned with grade level content standards with accommodations provided for each level of English proficiency.
• Middle School Level - ELL’s are served through inclusion teaching in content area classes. This allows students to receive English support while participating in mainstream content classes. Newcomers and students with low levels of English proficiency receive additional instruction during a pull-out session in which more individualized help is provided. 
• High School Level - ELL’s are instructed in sheltered English classes for each content area. The TESOL co-teaches in order to provide tailored instruction aligned with both content standards and students’ levels of English proficiency. This method increased students’ success rate for graduation and career readiness.
The goal of the West Carrollton ESL program is to provide students with customized English language support within content area instruction (based on the SIOP model), while also attending to students’ cultural adjustments and individual needs.


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