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WC School District Building Project

We are excited to invite you to a  community forum Wednesday, May 8 from 6 to 7 pm at the High School  auditorium – 5833 Student Street – to discuss the possibility of  construction of new buildings. School Superintendent, Dr. Andrea  Townsend, and Business Manager, Jack Haag, will be joined by Wayne  Colman from educational business development at Garmann Miller  Architects, to provide a presentation of what new buildings could look  like as well as a financial picture of state funding.
Why now?  The West Carrollton School District has recently been accepted into the  Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) building program. This is  good news if the community chooses to lock in the current 81%/19% rate  for state co-funded construction of new buildings. What this means is  that the state would pay 81 cents and the community would pay 19 cents for every $1 of co-funded building projects.
The  state/community ratio has changed since the district first looked at  the new construction option. In 2007, the numbers were 37% state/63%  community.  Every change has given the school district community  savings, but it is not anticipated that the number will go lower. It is  likely the funds offered from the OFCC will change when they are  adjusted for 2020 and that the ratio numbers will decrease for the state  investment and increase for the investment of the community. Even a  small percentage change can make a significant financial impact. It is  not anticipated the district will have a better economic opportunity to  consider new construction.  

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the West Carrollton School District Community! We look forward to seeing you May 8 as we look into the future of what your school district could look like! If you can’t come to the meeting, we will soon be posting more information on our web page at westcarrolltonschools.com including questions and answers.

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