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Open Enrollment Applications Being Accepted

Open Enrollment applications are being accepted at the Board of Education Office – 430 E. Pease Avenue – on school days from 8 am to 4 pm through Friday, May 31. Applications are date stamped when they are received. Parents of students currently attending West Carrollton through open enrollment will need to reapply if they would like their child to continue attending West Carrollton. 
This is only an application. Students are only accepted into West Carrollton if there is room in the grade level or school requested. If the student is accepted and they meet all open enrollment requirements, the parents will be notified in the summer so they may come in to do the actual enrollment.
We want to clarify information about open enrollment.
  •       IF a student is accepted through open enrollment, the student’s home district pays WC the cost of the child’s education.
  •       The student’s parent MUST provide transportation.
  •       A student is only accepted IF there is room available in the grade level requested.
  •       The student MUST be in good academic standing.
  •       The student MUST have good attendance. 
  •       The student MUST NOT have disciplinary issues. 

•       Not every child who applies is accepted.

More information can be found at westcarrolltonschools.com under registration.

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