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100th Day of School
These kids are an example of the wonderful things ALL of the kids are doing in west Carrollton Schools, and what being a PIRATE is all about!


1.      Payton K. is always willing to help make Russell a better school. She runs the early morning announcements, and worked through her shyness to become a leader.

2.      Salona R. was asked to write an essay about why she would make a good MVP for the Dragons tickets, she wrote an essay nominating her classmate. She acknowledged in her essay that she was aware she wasn't following directions but felt the other student was so deserving she just had to nominate her.

3.      Jacie F. leaves her homeroom to help Abram get ready to go home. She checks his bag to make sure he has his homework and checks to make sure he is making good choices at the end of the day and following directions.

4.      Taitum B. is very considerate. For example, she volunteered to read a passage then heard another student sound disappointed since she wasn't called. Taitum offered her turn to the other student to make her feel better.

5.      Isaac R. is always the first person to help make our school clean. Every restroom break he spends the time cleaning up the paper towels on the floor without being asked or even receiving a reward. 

6.      Peyton I. is always willing to share hugs, smiles, and kind words for anyone who needs them or just does it as a random act of kindness.

7.      Abigail R. is the kindest and most hard working student in class. She helps everyone with questions and showing them what to do.

8.      Kaylee R. has a sense of empathy and always looks out for the needs of others.  She is kind and considerate, often putting the needs of others before her own.

9.      Andrew C. sets up the lunch choices and the communication folder bin without being asked. Every morning he is typically one of the first to arrive to class and is always willing to help.

10. Lannie L. is always helping struggling students when they don’t understand something.


11. Colton W. genuinely encourages his peers daily. One day during reading, his classmate read out loud. When she was finished, Colton stated “I love the way you read!”

12. Ezra B. brought extra money for a classmate to participate in pajama day and hat day this year.

13. Livi T. helped a student from B complex in gym.  She was extremely nice and helped him participate in the PE activities.

14. Lincoln P. was helpful and had extremely good behavior for the substitute teacher when his teacher was out sick.

15. Carter B. shows kindness daily to his classmates and teachers.  He often cleans up supplies for his table and helps others with their work.

16. Isabella C. assists others without being asked and kindly explains directions.

17. Hayden V. helped a 1st grader who was returning from a restroom break to the Art Room.  The 1st grader had difficulty turning the knob and opening the door.  Hayden (without prompting) walked over, greeted him, and helped him get the door open.

18. Joey M. is always so helpful! He volunteers to help his teachers and is always very respectful to his classmates and teachers.

19. Carissa W. offers to help every teacher that she sees. For example, she asked to put graded papers in students’ mailboxes and asked if there was anything else she could do to help.

20. William L. volunteered to pick up all the materials used in an intervention class when no one else offered.


21. Brady M. is always very willing to help out. He is a trustworthy student and one of the first I will ask to run an errand for me. He has taken the chromebooks to the next class for me on a number of occasions and I greatly appreciate his kindness.

22. Thomas S. is always willing to volunteer in class. He will answer every question that I ask, if I would let him. He always pays attention when I give instruction/teach, and respects the other students in the class too.

23. Makayla B. apologized to her teacher for disrespectful behavior and stated she would like some help with anger management and coping skills. Great job in taking accountability for your actions, and working towards a solution!!

24. Ariana W. did a nice job of being more organized and on task the last few days! Keep working on that essay.

25. Dajah W. was having trouble focusing in class with her brother and cousin so she found a way around it and chose to switch classes. She continues to impress with her good choices.

26. Tiara J. has done an excellent job inside and outside of class. In class she is attentive and willing to work; while outside of class she is accountable for her work and demonstrates great character. Keep up the great work!

27. Hailey L. is a responsible and respectful individual who completes her work on time. She cares deeply about her academics and does not want to lose even half a point on her assignments! She has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to have in class.

28. Brian W. stayed awake all class period! Not only that, but he completed his assigned work and did a great job on his acceleration quiz. Keep up the good work!

29. Jerome M. always helps his classmates in Algebra 1 and frequently demonstrates math problems on the board. He sets a great example of hard work in the classroom.

30. Jeffrey B. turns in all assignments, volunteers to answer questions in class, and always has his materials out and ready to learn. One day when I was sick, he offered to read the assignment to the class to help me. He is a model student!

31. Kierra S. brightens my doorstep every morning and always says hello. She also says hello to me throughout the day in the hallway and is always pleasant and respectful in class. I appreciate her.

32. Cornelius (Cory) C. is always smiling and giving out high fives to students and staff. He is very active in class and eager to participate.

33. Ashlyn B. impresses me with her maturity and whole-hearted effort in German 3. She is a joy to have in class, and I look forward to seeing her smiling face every day.

34. Jesse J. is always on task in class and continues to be a great example for his peers. Jesse always gets all of his work done and often goes above and beyond with his assignments. Jesse is a wonderful student!

35. Jordan J. went out of his way when a student was in need to help them out. Your kindness did not go unnoticed! Thank you for being a caring young adult!

36. Enjel N. is a great teacher and problem solver. Keep up the enthusiasm in math. Thank you for your continued participation in class.

37. Cole P. did an awesome job with propaganda observations during our analysis practice in class today. Very impressive observations!

38. Nathaniel M. is a ray of sunshine! Thank you for taking time to teach others during class, and thank you for your continued positivity in the classroom! Keep up the good work!

39. Esaam L. has been a great help to his peers recently. He has helped three new students adapt and be comfortable in their new school. Essam helps translate and explain assignments without hesitation in my class. He is an extremely caring and helpful young man!

40. My’Shae H. was interactive during the shark dissection. She asked questions and even touched the liver of the shark to see what it felt like.

41. Jordan H. is doing an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING job in Geometry!! She is such a hard worker and really has showed determination and perseverance! I am so very proud of her!!

42. Savion B. is a very hard worker. He comes into class and remains focused in order to get several assignments done each period. He asks questions and always says how grateful he is of the help I give him.

43. Cortez B. is always a polite student that attends every day no matter what is going on in life. He is a phenomenal artist!

44. Ivory H. is kind, caring and always willing to help others in class. You are smart and a leader among your peers. There is nothing that will stop you from reaching your dreams. It's been a pleasure having you in class 1st semester.

45. Shawndel C. does an excellent job of modeling classroom procedures and behaviors expected in class.

46. Austin M. is ready to learn, and when others are not focused or attentive, he goes out of his way to promote a positive learning environment.

47. Bruce H. has been doing very well in class with staying on task and participating. He asks questions and answers questions that I ask. I appreciate all of this more than you'll ever know and keep up the good work!!

48. Tiearra M. is a very hard worker in class. She has turned in every assignment since the beginning of the school year. She uses her time efficiently and is always a pleasure to have in the classroom.

49. Lashawn D. is new to the classroom and has demonstrated a very good work ethic. She is a great role-model for the other students in regards to her work ethic.

50. Mohannad L. is the first student to volunteer and attempt difficult science questions. He continues to amaze me with his ability in my classroom and his drive to continue to improve. Mohannad is a hard worker and puts a high level of effort in to all of his work. Mohannad is a great student!

51. Qinjie L. just joined my class and has been very good about getting all his work and completing it. It is not easy coming into a class late and Qinjie is handling it well and being very responsible about getting work done and turned in. I am proud of him!

52. Akyra M. has done an awesome job lately in Algebra-- it's great to see pieces of the puzzle clicking together. Her hard work and perseverance are noticed!! She asks questions, engages in class and it makes a difference!


53. Hezekial L. is a hard worker and a kind and caring classmate. He willingly helps classmates to solve problems. Hezekiah is a great role model to his peers and an absolute joy to have in class!

54. Jamie M. sits next to a new student who doesn't speak any English.  Even though they can't communicate through words, Jamie takes the time every day to help the student and show her what to do.  Jamie is a wonderful role model and friend.

55. Arnoldo L. sits next to a new student who he can speak to in Spanish and help with classroom routines. Arnoldo has also helped this student to learn how to write his name on his papers! 

56. Daniel R. is a pro when it comes to modeling what is right by showing the quiet sign as we walk down the hallway!

57. Shyanne W. went around the room and made sure all materials and supplies were cleaned up and put back where they belonged when some of the students did not clean up their area.

58. Makenize G. volunteered to help another student who was struggling to get their work done so the other student could go to recess.

59. Alicia S. is always willing to help others.  At recess she includes others in her games of basketball or gaga ball.  She even helps other students tie their shoes if they're still practicing that skill!

60. Abby B. is the best teacher helper in the classroom!  She is always ready to help other students who might be struggling with directions on a game, or answering questions in math.  She helps explain math problems without being bossy or mean to students who don't yet understand. 

61. William G. helped a student pick up a box of pencils that was dropped in the hallway and went everywhere. He went back to help his classmate when no one else stopped to help. This is typical for William. He is always helpful to classmates and teachers.

62. Takarah S. is an excellent role model in the classroom with a positive attitude and great work ethic. She is always helpful to classmates and teachers, but more importantly, she is always actively involved in the lesson. Takarah asks questions when needed and works hard every day.


63. Jasia H. is always striving for her fellow students to be successful. She voluntarily gives up her time during specials to tutor students in the lower grades. She shows patience and determination daily.

64. Annalyse F. is a compassionate friend to all students. When others are upset or struggling, she is the first to offer comfort and peace. She is also extremely helpful to staff members and always does what is asked of her.

65. Karmyn D. is one of the first people to help others when they need it. She helps friends and asks about them after she sees that they got hurt.

66. Kylie M. is always will to help others. She helps her friends in her reading group and is always kind.

67. Lilyann C. is a very caring student who is always helping others. We have a second grade student who struggles to put on their coat and zip it up. Lilyann always makes sure this student’s coat is on and is zipped before we go outside. She has done this act of kindness without any prompting from her teachers all year.

68. Breshaun P. has made significant progress in all areas this year. He is always the first to volunteer to help. Breshaun offers to share toys at recess or supplies during class. He is very supportive of his peers in class.

69. Brian L. donated over 30 canned goods for the Canned Food Drive at Thanksgiving. This was a very thoughtful way for Brian and his family to demonstrate caring and promote equality and social justice within our community.

70. Alexis D. is a prime example of how to be a great friend and include everyone no matter what! When one student did not fit at a lunch table and was going to have to sit alone, Alexis immediately got up and offered to sit with the student, even though she wouldn’t be with her friends. Once Alexis did this, other students joined in. 

71. Damone A. did an unselfish act for another student when the class was shooting baskets with a racquetball into a trash can (an activity to find a fraction out of ten shots and then we were placing these on a number line). All of the students were being extremely competitive and trying to get the most baskets. When it was one student’s turn, Damone picked up the trash can and moved it each time so that he made all ten shots. Damone looked at his teacher with a knowing look to say “I'm doing this for him just to be kind to him”. He just wanted him to be successful and to be able to say he had the highest score. 


72. TeErin H helped one of the students in her class find a tissue. She went over, got him a tissue, then stayed with him to then find the trash can.  She is always stepping up to help others in the classroom.

73. Maryam A. asked for a plastic bag to give to a friend who was upset that they forgot their book bag. She will always go above and beyond for others. She is always kind to everyone and goes out of her way to help others.

74. Laylah J. stays by the door to assist the other students in zipping up their coats and tying their shoes before going outside for recess. It is so kind of her to take a few minutes of her recess to help her peers! 

75. Kayla C. is always very helpful in cleaning up the classroom. She will pick up trash, push chairs in, and put things away that aren't hers. She does a great job helping build our classroom community because she inspires other students to help around the classroom as well. 

76. Ceci R. Always recognizes a friend in need. She offers a hug to anyone who is sad or hurt. Ceci welcomes classmates by patting the empty space next to her and saying, “sit here. I save you a spot.” She does this with all her classmates, not just her close friends.  

77. Layla S. loves to have fun and makes certain that everyone gets to have fun. If she sees a classmate playing alone, she will invite the classmate to play with her. If a classmate wants to join her activity, then she warmly welcomes him or her.


78. Xander S. is always giving to others whether it's a nice smile or sharing his stuff.  He always has a smile on his face and has a positive attitude.  Xander has also made great improvements and is willing to ask for help when he needs it.  One day, Xander gave two of his teachers a special treat (chocolate bar) and (bag of chips) because he heard his teachers talk about those being their favorite.  He is truly a bright light on any day.

79. Kylie P. is in study skills class, and the first thing she does after she walks in helps to reorganize desks after 5th period. She helps pack up the mice and headphones. She also helps throw away left over scrap paper. I want to thank her for dedicating her time to help me out every day. She is such a sweet, kind soul and I am so lucky to have her as one of my students.

80. Koltin C. shows kindness to other. If a student in my class loses or misplaces a paper, they have to buy a new one with Pirate dollars or an IOU by putting their name on the board. I had "$65" of debt the students owed me on the board, and Koltin paid off the debt for his peers.

81. Kathleen H. has been a wonderful help to one of my students in reading.  She has taken the time to read with him and help him with his class work.  She has also asked me if she could check with him to make sure he was able to write down the correct notes.  The student she has helped has shown his appreciation by thanking her.  He's been trying to so hard this quarter to get a better grade in my class and Kate has helped tremendously with his goal.

82. Ava J. volunteered to help a new student who was not sure how to divide with decimals. She helped teach the new student how to solve one of her problems. Ava is always such a leader and I thank her for the many times she selflessly takes time out of her day to help others around her.

83. Caroline I. volunteered to help set up supplies in the clinic before and after school. She is always respectful, polite and kind.

84. Mailynn D. is always helping other students that don't understand an assignment or having trouble with technology.  For example, right now she is helping a student with linking some of her papers on Google to her Seesaw account.  Mailynn is amazingly helpful and kind.

85. Damie’oano R. saw a student on crutches going down the stairs by the 102 office. Damie'oano stopped, held the girl’s elbow and assisted her the entire way down the stairs.  What a gentleman!

86. Jawn S. gave a student a pencil to keep that NEVER has a pencil EVER.

87. Mickailey N. helped the student sitting next to her in class that was struggling with the area worksheet that I passed out.  I did not ask her to do this, she just did!!!

88. Brooklyn T. turned quite a few heads this year as she took to the field at safety and A-back for the 7th grade pirate football team.  Never wanting to be taken for granted as a girl playing a male dominated sport, Brooklyn stepped up to the challenge and took tacklers on without hesitation.  Her hardwork and determination helped the 7th grade team to a 6-2 record and a runner-up finish in the GWOC South Division.

89. Nevaeh B. really put herself out there when she decided to try wrestling this year for the first time. She knew the road ahead would be difficult and full of adversity but she didn't let anything get in her way. After a tough regular season, Nevaeh was able to secure her first win at the GWOC tournament.  She isn't settling though, as her eyes are now focused on the Jr. High Girl's State competition.

90.  Jaedyn M. and Alexandria S. would often stay after the bell to properly stack the second period binders in my class.

91. Alexandra S. and Jaedyn M. would often stay after the bell to properly stack the second period binders in my class.

92. Anastasia P. often stays after school to make sure my room is cleaned up, often picking up books for me and putting them away.  I thanked her and told her I truly appreciate her and she responded, "Anything I can do to help!"

93. Maryam I. recently came from online schooling, but has not skipped a beat since coming into my room.  She often willingly helps a peer in the room who speaks very little English to make sure he understands what he is supposed to be doing.  I never really have to ask her to help. She is always approaching me, asking if I would like for her to help him out.

94. Amanda K. was out for a week when her father returned from military duties.  She took it upon herself to make up all of that work within the week. She showed so much discipline and self-control to complete everything diligently and in a timely manner.

95. Raliyah B. is one of the most conscientious and positive students I've ever had.  She is always smiling and happy and willing to do whatever you give to her.  She does her best on all her work as well as her performances during the talent show.  

96. Hunter V. persevered through some difficult times and never let it affect his education.  He maintained wonderful grades and a positive attitude every day. His positivity and determined mindset are evident to all who know him. 

97. Seth P. noticed that a student who sits next to him was struggling to understand how to solve a math problem. I want to thank him for jumping right in to help teach the student how to solve the equation. Seth is always so willing to help others and I appreciate his kindness every single time!

98. Aubrey P. is a kind soul who raised her hand to support a classmate. Her act of kindness will never be forgotten, and I thank her for making a positive impact in another student’s life. A student shared with our math class that due to his ADHD, many students have found him annoying. He wanted his peers to know that he doesn’t try to annoy them on purpose. Sometimes certain behaviors he displays are out of his control and he is not always on his medication. He shared how some students have treated him with negativity in the past and that has made him feel sad and alone. He apologized for any of his past behavior that others found annoying. He asked if people could let him know in a kind way that his behavior is beginning to frustrate them, so he can try to stop before they get annoyed. I shared his story the following day and afterwards I asked any students to raise their hands if they would like to help support him. Some students have class with him this year and some do not, but the amount of love and support that came pouring in that day was breathtaking and made me cry.

99. Fidel S. noticed that two students were having a difficult day. Fidel asked me if he could donate his math moola reward money to purchase something for both the students in hopes that he could help bring a smile to each of their faces. He also wanted to let them both know that someone cared. It was such a sincere, kind moment...Fidel has a huge heart and I thank him for his act of kindness. He made many of us smile!

100.    Karllee W. has been an outstanding young lady in my class all year and I am so blessed to have her as a student! She donated items to my classroom to use as part of my reward system with my students. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for her and I truly appreciate her thoughtful, kind donation!!!

101.    Ryley D. was heading to the chrome cart to put his chrome book away. I noticed him picking up extra chrome books off of the desks that no students sat at. I thanked him for taking time out of his day to help me get my chrome books packed back up before the period ended. Ryley is such a kind, young man and I am so blessed to have him as one of my students this year! He also tells me, "Have a great day!" every day before he leaves my class. He makes my soul smile all the time and I truly appreciate all the extra kindness he adds to our world.

102.    Skye C. is always willing to help her fellow classmate who speaks limited English sign on to her chrome book. She makes me smile every time I catch her standing or leaning near this student to help show her what we are doing in class. Skye is always so patient with the students and she has no idea how much I appreciate her help! The new student is starting to do really well in math, and I thank Skye for her part in helping this student be successful in class.

103.    Luke M. volunteers for Toys for Tots.  At Christmas he distributes gifts to underprivileged kids.

104.    Cole M. volunteers for "Target" providing meals for the homeless in Dayton at Christmas.  He has done this for the past 4 years.