Physical Education and Health


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Physical Education and Health

Physical Education Department

"The Mission of the West Carrollton Physical Education Department is to teach students to move efficiently and frequently in order to promote optimum physical fitness with performance goals aligned to the National Standards of Physical Education."   (9/16/04)

Health Department

The goal of the West Carrollton Schools' Health Department is to ensure the alignment of our district's health standards (K-12) to national and state standards.  Students will be provided with opportunities to gain knowledge and skills essential to achieve optimum health.  Students will access, utilize, interpret, understand, and obtain basic health information and services in ways that promote life-long wellness.
National Health Standards
  1. We can understand how to encourage personal health and prevent disease.
  2. We can explore how culture, media, technology, family, and other factors affect our health.
  3. We can show how to use health information services.
  4. We can show how to use interpersonal skills to avoid risks.
  5. We can show how to use decision-making skills that improve our health.
  6. We can show how to set personal goals that will improve or maintain our health.
  7. We can show how to practice healthy behaviors that help avoid risk or reduce risks in our lives.
  8. We can show how to advocate for personal, family, and community health. 

Staff Members

West Carrollton High School
Kevin Donahue, Health/PE/APE, Ext. 8894
Gerry Glowik, Health/PE, Ext. 8889
Gail Kerr, Health/PE, Ext. 8892
West Carrollton Middle School
Cody Blevins, Health/PE, Ext. 7796
Scott Doyle, APE, Ext. 5554
Carly Lowe, Health/PE, Ext. 7733
Andy Malcolm, Health/PE, Ext. 7735
Jennifer Moran, Health/PE, Ext. 7742
Harold Schnell Elementary
Doug Stebbins, PE, Ext. 6641
Harry Russell Elementary
Amanda Henderson, PE, Ext. 2238
Frank Nicholas Elementary
Melaku Dejene, PE, Ext. 2284
C.F. Holliday Elementary
Jodi Sabin, PE, Ext. 7722
Walter Shade Early Childhood Center
Scott Doyle, PE/APE, Ext. 5554
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