I am a Pirate!


We know you are eagerly awaiting information regarding the start of school. Please know you will be hearing from the District shortly.


Enrollment forms are available online or may be picked up at the Board of Education Office. All forms must be completed before returning them, along with the required documents listed on the enrollment web page. ---


Only one family at a time will be permitted into the Board of Education Office. 

A face mask must be worn by anyone coming into the office. You may schedule an appointment to submit your completed enrollment packet, along with required documents, by contacting Angi Cotter at 937-859-5121, ext. 1100. If you do not have an appointment, you may have a wait. Appointments will be honored before walk-ins.

I am a Pirate!

I am a Pirate!

The goal of the I am a Pirate! campaign is to link the success of our graduates to the future and potential success of our current students. The Foundation wants young Pirates to see tangible evidence that setting clear goals, working hard and persevering can lead to a successful life adventure.

Please view our  I am a Pirate! crew member photo gallery below, and look for their portraits in the hallways of our West Carrollton school buildings!

The process of choosing members of the I am a Pirate! crew begins in January each year as the Foundation board receives informal recommendations from alumni and current I am a Pirate! crew members. Those chosen to join the crew are notified in April and the process of producing a portrait begins. Each year the Foundation will add more alumni to the I am a Pirate! crew, and the district has dozens of portraits hanging in each of its buildings ... each telling a story about a successful Pirate and the West Carrollton School District.
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