Samaritan Behavioral Health Therapists

Students Return to Remote Learning through Nov. 29

We strongly urge everyone to be diligent with wearing masks, washing hands regularly, using hand sanitizer, maintaining a minimum of six feet of distance from each other and avoiding gatherings. 

Contact tracing in schools across Montgomery County, including West Carrollton, shows that there are few cases of COVID-19 being spread within schools. Instead, the positive and presumed positive cases most generally originate from community spread including gatherings of family and/or friends outside of school. We must all continue to be diligent so that students and staff may safely return to school. Check out the CDC COVID-19 FACT SHEET for preventative information.

Samaritan Behavioral Health Therapists

Mental Health Therapists

This school district recognizes the need for mental health services. West Carrollton City Schools have a partnership with Samaritan Behavioral Health to provide mental health services to the district. Licensed clinicians are present in all school buildings. Therapists are available to assist students with issues related to depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavior modification, trauma, and other issues related to mental health. Even in remote learning, therapists are still present in the school buildings for in-person or online sessions.

Intake Coordinator - please contact the Intake Coordinator if you are not currently working with one of the counselors
Carol Chandler - 937-859-5121, Ext. 1157

Walter Shade Early Childhood Center
Sarah Lipps - 937-859-5121, Ext. 4400

C.F. Holliday Elementary
Lauren Gusman - 937-859-5121, Ext. 3335

Harry Russell Elementary
Elizabeth Louderback - 937-859-5121, Ext. 5537

Harold Schnell Elementary
Michelle Bruce - 937-859-5121, Ext. 2254

All Elementary Buildings
Darryl Jones - 937-859-5121

West Carrollton Middle School
Tiffany Davis - 937-859-5121, Ext. 7746

West Carrollton High School
Megan Hogan - 937-859-5121, Ext. 8838

West Carrollton Middle School and High School
Jessica Patrus - 937-859-5121
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