About Our School

About Our School

West Carrollton Intermediate School
Building Photo202262111315420_image.jpg
4100 S. Dixie Drive
Dayton, OH 45439
Phone: 937-859-5121 ext 3300
FAX: 937-641-0869

Intermediate School

West Carrollton Intermediate School is one of the newly built facilities within the district, formerly
C.F. Holliday, serving students in the 5th and 6th grade with 45 certified teachers and a total 63
staff members. We believe that it is important to establish a partnership where the family,
community and school work together for our students to be successful academically, socially
and emotionally.

At WCIS, we follow the West Carrollton School District Mission to Engage Students’ Minds,
Muscles, and Imagination by providing opportunities through a “whole child” approach to
learning. We provide a rigorous core curriculum in English Language Arts, Math, Science &
Social Studies and as well as offering a selection of elective options to explore various interests
and skills. Through Advisory and on campus resources, students are offered an array of Social
Emotional Learning supports to help them to navigate throughout their day. Our teachers use
the district’s Formative Assessment process to provide a differentiated learning environment for
all students to have the greatest opportunity to meet their needs across the curriculum and align
with the Ohio State Standards. The WCIS faculty and staff are committed to using 21st Century
skills in the classroom each day to empower students to be life-learners in a global world while
instilling our core values to build relationships, embrace community and be fully engaged in

WCIS 21st Century Skills
Students will:
- Develop and demonstrate positive work ethics, attitudes and behavior.
- Demonstrate acceptance of responsibility and ownership of their work.
- Demonstrate proper etiquette.
- Demonstrate respect for self, others and for property
- Demonstrate and understand the value of collaboration and teamwork
- Demonstrate the ability to Demonstrate the ability to problem solve
- Demonstrate the quality of being on time

WCIS Life-Long Learning Skills
Students will:
- Demonstrate the ability to Set Goals for learning
- Demonstrate the ability to Learn Independently
- Demonstrate the ability to Work Well with Others
- Demonstrate the ability to Accept Responsibility
- Demonstrate the ability to Respect Others and Property
- Demonstrate the ability to Be an Active Learner
- Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively as a Team
- Demonstrate Grit, Effort and Perseverance
- Demonstrate the ability to Contribute Effectively to Learning
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