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Elizabeth Robertson Super World of Work Impact Grant 2022

The West Carrollton Education Foundation is honored to present the Elizabeth Robertson Super WOW Impact Grant to the Super World of Work program staff at West Carrollton High School (WCHS). This is a $2,000 award in memory of Elizabeth, a proud West Carrollton Pirate who passed away earlier this year.

The Super WOW program helps participants develop practical skills so they can be as independent and functional in their day-to-day lives as possible. It is also an opportunity for socialization with peers and others. Elizabeth thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team. She loved school, and while most students look forward to holidays, snow days and any other opportunity to take a day off, not Elizabeth. She looked forward to school. She was that special student who said, “I miss school” as she passed WCHS in the car with her family. Her foster parents attribute this attitude to her inclusion in the Super WOW program.

Working in the coffee shop at WCHS gave her confidence that she could get a job as a cashier. It was one step in developing skills needed to live on her own.

While developing the hands-on skills was important, there was an even greater personal impact. Quoting her foster mother, Mrs. JoAnn Martin, “The staff and students in the Super WOW program gave Elizabeth a sense of belonging…. The sense of comfort, love and inclusion were just what a foster child and teenager needed. The program made her feel like a normal teenage girl.”

Elizabeth is a success story for Super WOW. Her presence and participation, despite health challenges, demonstrated her strength and character. Her legacy will live on in the use of this grant to train, encourage and nurture other Super WOW students.

A special thank you to Terrance and JoAnn Martin for sharing Elizabeth with the West Carrollton School community, and for sponsoring this grant which will certainly impact others in a positive way.

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Posted Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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