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Resolution Passed by School Board



Nov. 2, 2022 – The West Carrollton School Board has passed a resolution at the Nov. 2, 2022 Board Meeting that will allow the district to add another layer to the District’s Safety Plan. Formation of a District Response Team will allow certain highly trained staff members to have access to a firearm that would be located in locked safes within the school buildings. The resolution is in accordance with ORC 2923.122 and HB 99 signed by Governor DeWine.

With the exception of law enforcement personnel, those individuals would have to complete a minimum of 24 hours of training per the State of Ohio guidelines; however, the district plans for those individuals to exceed the minimum hours of training required and meet or exceed the minimum 8 hour annual recertification training. Examples of training will include, but are not limited to, mitigation techniques, neutralization of potential threats and active shooters and psychology of critical incidents. 

Staff members who choose to volunteer to be part of the District Response Team will be provided all training following a rigorous interview process with district level administrators and law enforcement. The staff member would be required to have or obtain a CCW or Conceal Carry License which includes additional background checks as well as participate in ongoing and frequent additional training and an annual recertification.

Only trained staff members who are part of the District Response Team and law enforcement officials will be able to access the firearm safes and know where they are located in the building. All firearms will be locked in safes during the school day.

To maintain and protect the integrity of the school safety plan, the name of any staff member who becomes a member of the District Response Team will be kept strictly confidential. 

“We are in the business of education, but making sure students and staff are safe is our top priority,” stated West Carrollton School Board President, Joe Cox. “This will allow us to add another level of security to our buildings to keep students and staff safe and protected.” The School Board recognizes that districts including Bellbrook, Mad River and Sidney have already passed similar resolutions to form response teams and that other neighboring districts are considering it. “We have been following the trends happening locally and in schools across the country,” said Cox. “We feel this is the right decision for our students and staff.”

The West Carrollton School District continues to review safety procedures at each school and will soon have one additional School Resource Officer. Two are currently at the Middle School; two are at the High School; and one will begin in January at the Intermediate School. Superintendent, Dr. Andrea Townsend, stated, “I would like to eventually see a School Resource Officer at each campus.”

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