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COVID Protocols
The Governor has made several announcements over the past few days related to COVID and the rules for schools.
As of today, 5/19/21, we will follow our current protocols until the expiration date of 6/2/21 at 12:00 am. Please note that for the last two weeks of school the students and staff will continue to wear masks, follow social distancing guidance, and must follow the quarantine/exclusion guidance. 
Our vaccination clinic for 12-18 year olds will be this Saturday, May 22nd, and the second vaccine clinic is on June 12th (12-18 year olds). More information about the vaccination clinic is at including registration information.
For summer school ONLY we will do the following (Effective 6/2/21):
1. Outside visitors MUST continue to wear a mask and schedule appointments to conduct school business or they will not be able to enter the buildings. This remains exactly the same as it does now. This will help us continue contact tracing protocols, and information will be sent to parents outlining the above. 
2. All students ages 10 and under are no longer required to wear a mask.
3. All staff and students (ages 12-18) who are fully vaccinated (both doses and two weeks past the date of the last shot) will no longer need to quarantine, be excluded, or wear a mask. 

4. ALL staff and students who meet the guidelines outlined above can choose to wear a mask if they desire. 
5. Contact tracing protocols will continue and mandatory reporting is still required. Anyone who has not been vaccinated will be subject to quarantine and exclusion protocols and is still required to wear a mask.
Please know that this is subject to change based on the revolving door of information we receive. We will update you on the 2021-2022 school year at a later date.