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A Former Graduate Returns to Teach
Makayla Woody has always been a PIRATE. She graduated from WC in 2017 and went to Bowling Green University, but her dream was always to return to WC and teach. Her dream of becoming an educator began when she was in 5th grade at Schnell in Staci Montgomery’s class. She has always excelled in math, and during her freshman year at the High School, she took Algebra II and “fell in love.” She credits High School math teacher, Cathy Van Dyke, for taking a lot of time and investing in her during her time as a student at WC, and even Bowling Green where her former teacher would often check in on her.
Van Dyke was one of several staff members who reached out to her when a math position became available at the High School this year and encouraged her to apply. The timing was perfect! She had earned her degree and teacher’s license, and had also taught summer school. Although she considered a position in another district, she had a drive to return to WC.
Being a student teacher in a different school district, as well as through conversations with her college classmates, gave her a unique perspective into the experience of students outside of WC. “My teachers at WC inspired me. They didn’t have to care, but they chose to care. They didn’t have to spend extra time, but they chose to do it.” She realized staff at other schools don’t always go the extra mile to provide the learning environment she experienced as a West Carrollton student. “I’ve seen in other districts where staff isn’t as invested in students.”
Now she is eager to go the extra mile for her own students! She is already serving as the freshman class advisor, co-directing the fall play, and helping with the fellowship of Christian athletes and students. A recent day had her at the High School at 6:45 a.m. preparing for the day and staying until 8:30 p.m. so she could watch her students playing in the volleyball game. She is also influencing younger students! She is the coach for her younger brother’s little league baseball team and is an umpire for the league. Woody is also keeping her eye open for any future coaching positions that may become available in the school district. “I like to stay busy. I’m not the kind of person who likes to sit around.”