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Enjoy Your Holiday Break!
All students will return on Monday, January 5, 2015.  
Congratulations Azariah Jones
Azariah Jones is the CF Holliday Asset Builder of the Month.  Azariah quietly promotes assets every day.  She is a hard working student - (#21 Achievement Motivation), who is engaged in class, (#22 School Engagement), and can be found reading a good book when she finishes her work early, (#25 Reading for Pleasure). Azariah’s classmates enjoy her company because she is a caring, (#26 Caring), and friendly student who can be trusted to make good decisions, (#28 Integrity). Azariah’s teachers enjoy her positive attitude and winning smile!  She is an exceptional Asset Builder.  
5 Quick Questions about Our Communication with You
More than 200 parents have completed our communication survey.  Thank you for helping us focus our communication efforts.  We will keep this survey open until January 30th.  We are striving to provide you with better information in the ways you most need. Here's the survey - - please share it!   FIVE-QUESTION Parent Survey 
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WC City Schools - Our Key Messages
We are highlighting a different key message each week.  These messages were developed by our staff as a result of our community survey in May of 2013. This is the seventh: 

We strive to engage students in meaningful learning.
Join Dr. Clifford and Mr. Slone
Parents and community members are invited to attend our Ask the Superintendent and Treasurer meeting on Monday, January 26th from 6-7 pm in the WC High School Cafeteria. Please bring your questions.  
Ornithologists in action at CF Holliday
Fifth grade teacher, Emily Jackson, gives us a look inside a project-based learning experience that transforms her students into young scientists for one week.  Holliday fifth graders recently studied Ornithology (the study of birds) as part of a one week long project-based learning activity that incorporated elements of science, math, and reading. Teacher, Emily Jackson, gives us a look inside the minds of her young ornithologists. "Our students stayed in their homeroom class all week and worked to find solutions to the driving question we gave them: How can we, as aspiring ornithologists, create homes for and observe nesting patterns of local bird species? This question then inspired all the learning in science, math, and reading over the week," said Jackson.

Here are some examples of the bird project activities that encompassed these subjects:

Science: Fifth graders walked around the building looking for potential places to mount our bird houses; this fulfilled the learning standard on ecosystems. Math: Students had to figure out how to geometrically put shapes (wood blocks) together to construct the bird houses; this involved measuring the dimensions of the blocks and determining total volume. Reading: The student ornithologists worked on individual projects - writing short stories, creating comic strips, writing diary entries (from the perspective of a bird) and developing a brochure that would help them sell their bird houses to other birds. Other students wrote research papers on birds.

The week started with a trip to Cox Arboretum to look at an example of one local ecosystem. While there students learned to observe birds in flight as well as in their natural habitat. From here students had the opportunity to meet with guests from the Centerville Park District and Aullwood Audubon Center to ask questions about local birds and ecosystems. When it was the students turn to present a portion of their project, students invited their guest from Centerville Park District to come back, this time to listen to them answer the project's driving question.

"It was a great learning experience for my students and me," said Jackson. "Students who typically struggle in an academic environment thrived amidst the activity of this project- based learning. These students turned into superstars, and I am so proud of them. All students dived in, took risks, and those who don't normally lead, did just that. I felt like less of a teacher and more of a teammate - all of us learning together. Which is what project-based learning is all about."

Jackson is in her second year of teaching at CF Holliday. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. Coming from a family with multiple generations of teachers, she knew from a young age that she wanted to help inspire young learners to be the best they can be.
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