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Have a Great Thanksgiving Break!
A reminder - - All West Carrollton City Schools will be on Thanksgiving Break the week of November 23, 2014.  School will resume on Monday, December 1st. 
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"I'm just not a math person"
A teacher's perspective - Ellen Dahlin
“I’m just not a math person." This has not only become a popular quote students share when they first walk into my classroom, but in math classrooms nationwide. I tell my students that math is its own foreign language. And, as their teacher, I am trying to help translate that language in a way that makes sense.
We're Glad You're Here!
A publication for our community -- We're Glad You're Here -- find out where we stand regarding our next operating levy, better understand what Project-Based Learning is about, get the latest on Pirate Athletic facility upgrades, and see our District Key Messages.  It's all there in our latest issue. 
Student Asset Builders Recognized For Service
Congratulations to these students!
Ali Mohamed - CF Holliday (District Asset Builder of the Month)
Richard Fell
- West Carrollton High School 
Connor Collins - West Carrollton Middle School
Peyton Ison
- Walter Shade ECC
Michael Burton - Harry Russell
Xavier Garber - Harold Schnell
Gabriella Dennis - Frank Nicholas
Fascinating Speaker Makes "The Running Dream" Come to Life at WCMS
The WCMS student body and staff are reading a powerful book together as part of their ONE BOOK ONE SCHOOL endeavor. The book is "The Running Dream" by author, Wendelin Van Draanen. "Reading one book together gives us a shared experience we can draw on, and the message is one our students can take with them into life," said WCMS Principal, Doug Mescher.

The theme of the book is "optimism overcomes obstacles." The story is about a high school track star named Jessica who loses a leg in a school bus accident and is devastated that she will never run again. She weans herself from painkillers and learns to walk with crutches. Her track coach shows her videos of amputees running on prostheses; this gives her hope. Inspiration comes from a friendship with a girl named Rosa with cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair. This part of the story brings awareness to the invisibility of the disabled. The book is about positive thinking, determination, and gratitude. "What a great message for our students", said language arts teacher, Angela York.

York helped students make a real-life connection with the book by inviting Doug Morgan to come talk with her students. Morgan is a retired law enforcement professional who has a had a prosthetic leg since he was 14 years old. Our students wanted to know about the difficulties he has had, and how he overcame them. "They asked Morgan if he had phantom pains, all about different types of prosthetics, how to get the prosthetic leg on and off ... it was very apparent that meeting Morgan brought 'The Running Dream' to life for our 7th graders."

York learned about Morgan through one of her students whose mother works in the field of prosthetic​s​. "It has been a privilege for all of us to have him here," said York.
WC City Schools - Our Key Messages
We are highlighting a different key message each week.  These messages were developed by our staff as a result of our community survey in May of 2013. This is the fourth: 

We understand and recognize that every student learns in a different way, and we teach to the unique styles of each student.
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Senior Citizens' Luncheon - Thursday, Dec. 18th
Our Annual Senior Citizens Luncheon this holiday season will be on Thursday, December 18th at 12:30 pm at the Walter Shade ECC (510 East Pease Avenue).  Join us for a special holiday meal and entertainment by our seasoned musical artists at the ECC - along with exceptional performances by our middle and high school vocal musicians.  Please share this information with grandparents and senior citizens in our school community.  

Reservations can be made by calling our Board Office at (937) 859-5121, ext. 1133 or just clicking  HERE.  We are very excited to begin this holiday season with great Pirates, our senior citizens!
WC School Board Welcomes New Member
Long time community member, Don Henry, joined the West Carrollton School Board on Wednesday, November 5, 2014. He replaces Andy Wagner who resigned from the board last month.  When Henry learned of the board vacancy, he didn't hesitate to apply.  "I just knew I wanted to do this."

Henry and his late wife, Connie (who worked in WC Schools for 37 years), have served the district as athletic boosters, coaches, and advisors. He is currently a member of the Dorwood Optimist Club serving the youth of the community.  "Service to humanity is the best work in life, and that's how Connie and I lived," Henry said.

Now retired, Henry's business background includes extensive experience in logistics and compliance; this has shaped his strong problem-solving abilities. "I'm always looking for alternative solutions."  When it comes to communication, Henry is a natural listener who "takes things in" thoughtfully. He learned the importance of that skill early on and used it to nurture great relationships within the community and at work. "Listening is a skill we can all get better at. Effective listening and interpersonal skills helped me manage people remotely (in business), and it gave me leadership opportunities throughout my life in community service."

He is excited to begin this journey as a board member...looking most forward to handing a high school diploma to a West Carrollton High School senior on graduation day. Outside of that experience Henry wants to strengthen community support for our schools. "It doesn't matter if you have kids in school or not. We have to be informed and be involved in our schools. It's this kind of mindset that helps our kids and helps our community."
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