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In light of the announcement from Governor Mike DeWine, all West Carrollton school facilities will be closed to the public through at least Sunday, April 5. This means that paper copies of homework will no longer be available for pick up or drop off. Homework will continue to be available using the Clever link on the district’s home page. At this time, Grab and Go Meals will still be provided through this Friday. CLICK HERE for the locations.

We realize this is a difficult situation for students and families. Governor DeWine stated, “we have to do this if we want to slow this down.” Continue to follow our DISTRICT NEWS for updates as they occur.

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Contact Us

West Carrollton School District
430 E. Pease Avenue
West Carrollton, OH 45449
(937) 859-5121
Fax:  937-859-5250 

West Carrollton High School
5833 Student Street
West Carrollton, Ohio 45449
Principal: Candice Haffner
[email protected]
937-859-5121, ext. 8800
Fax: 937-435-2315
West Carrollton Middle School
424 E. Main Street
West Carrollton, Ohio 45449
Principal: Doug Mescher
[email protected]
937-859-5121, ext. 7700
Fax: 937-859-2780

Harry Russell Elementary School
123 Elementary Drive
West Carrollton, Ohio 45449
Principal: Brad Thobe
[email protected]
937-859-5121, ext. 5500
Fax: 937-865-5720
Harold Schnell Elementary School
5995 Student Street
West Carrollton, Ohio 45449
Principal: Mindy Balster
[email protected]
937-859-5121, ext. 6600
Fax: 937-859-2775

C. F. Holliday Elementary School
4100 S. Dixie Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45439
Principal: Dorian Glover
[email protected]
937-859-5121, ext. 3300
Fax: 937-643-5460
Walter Shade Early Childhood Center
510 E. Pease Ave.
West Carrollton, Ohio 45449
Principal: Janet Schieman
[email protected]
937-859-5121, ext. 4400
Fax: 937-859-2768
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