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West Carrollton Education Foundation Dickinson T. Guiler was an outstanding educator, a true friend, and mentor!

Dickinson T. Guiler remains an icon in the West Carrollton School District. The Award for Excellence in Education is designed to recognize teachers who have followed Mr. Guiler’s path and continued it by positively impacting the entire school district community.
Dickinson Thetford Guiler was born Nov. 10,1925, in Chicago. He was raised in Oxford,Ohio, where his parents were staunch supporters of Miami University and its students.

Mr. Guiler graduated from McGuffey High School in Oxford in 1943 and joined the U.S.Army Air Corps. He served as a cryptographer for two years, returning to Miami University after World War II. In 1949, he completed a bachelor’s degree in education. He later earned two master’s degrees from Columbia University.

He applied to the West Carrollton schools in 1950 and was hired to teach English at the junior and senior high schools. Five years later, he became principal of Walter Shade Elementary School. In 1961, he was named assistant superintendent of schools. He declined several opportunities to further his career elsewhere, saying he was happy in West Carrollton. Instead of seeking personal prestige, Mr. Guiler spent his career promoting education and working to recognize his students, colleagues and district.

As assistant superintendent, Mr. Guiler’s duties included teacher and pupil personnel duties, public relations work and planning of tax levy campaigns. When The Miamisburg News was named a recipient of the Paul S. Noblitt School Bell Award for service to education in 1977, the paper gave Mr. Guiler credit for the many articles that originated on his typewriter. Also in 1977, Mr. Guiler was credited with a “key role” in passing two levies and a bond issue in a two year span.
Mr. Guiler retired from West Carrollton Schools in 1987, after 37 years. He continued to support education in his retirement by giving generously of his time and resources. He was elected to the Board of Education in 1989 and served one full four-year term. Many West Carrollton and Miami University students benefited and continue to benefit from scholarships he created. He also remained active with the West Carrollton Educational Recognition Association and the West Carrollton Historical Society. He was inducted into the Distinguished Service Hall of Fame by the West Carrollton Education Foundation.

After a long illness, the patriarch of the West Carrollton schools community died November 27, 2001. However, his positive influence remains in the teachers he hired, the students he served and the school district he loved.
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